Starting in October

WILD Games


The WILD Games is the IEGA’s newest tournament that gets the best out of every player while determining who is the alpha amongst group. In a 2 weeks regular season competition with players split into groups trying to advance to the playoffs for week 3 and earning the ultimate alpha title in week 4.

Starting in December

The Futbol Summit


The Futbol Summit is a ladder tournament. Max entry of 30 players. Win and you climb up to higher ranks, lose and slide down the ranks. This tournament is a test of skill and endurance. Players will have approximately 2.5 months to reach the number 1 ranking.

Starting in May

IQL ( IEGA Qualification League)


The IEGA Qualification League (IQL) is our Premier League of the year. Players will go through a full rigorous competitive season in 3 months. 20 players will experience a 2 month long regular season; and 1 month long post season mixed with Group and Knockout Rounds on route to a Championship.


Starting in October


‎The Season's first friendly competition will beginning first week game drops. It is a one day tournament called "The Prelude Tournament". Participation in the tournament will be on a first come first serve basis.

Monthly Starting in October



Month's Best Tournament is a one-day Premium event. Where the best players in the league compete against all new comers in the league for a portion the year's prizing purse.