Quick Rules
Game Type: FIFA 21 Online Friendlies
Half Length: 6 minutes
Controls: Semi-Assisted 
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online

Prize Pool For IEGA Qualifying Leagues

Top Three players will be awarded prize money.

20 player round robin Regular Season the top 16 will advance to the Post-Season. 4 team group stage with the top 2 players from each group advancing to knockout rounds. Lastly, will be a traditional 8 player playoff format from there.


Signed Participation Agreements must be received before being eligible to participate in the tournament.



2 Round Robins; Double Elimination Bracket; all matches are Home and Away. Aggregate Score and Away Goal rules apply. Additional tiebreakers will be applicable during Post-Season play starting with Group Stage.

For all general inquiries and technical issues please emailinfo@theiega.com.



League/Tournament Rules
By entering into and participation in this online League, each participant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with the League’s Terms and Conditions and the Tournament Rules.

Note: Be sure to take pictures and screenshots of the match final score in case of a dispute or match result. Winner submits match results. If there is a draw. Home Team Submits the draw.

1 player account.The participant cannot have multiple player accounts across the 3 platforms our leagues/tournaments are operating. on.

No Time Wasting. The participant cannot kick or hold the ball along their back line more than 3 minutes (game time)

Reporting Results and Disputes

From the moment the first player reports the results of the match, the other participant has 24 hours to verify or dispute the match report during regular season play; and 30 minutes to verify or dispute the match report during post season play/tournament play. If the results are not Verified or Disputed, the system will automatically Verify the report 24 hours after it is completed.

Should a match go unreported within two hours of it being completed, it will be considered null and void. It will not be reflected on the players standings.