Frequently Asked Questions

Match Play Settings?

Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps:

  1. Online Rosters
  2. 6min Halfs
  3. Share your party chat audio voice with others in broadcast
  4. All matches are to be twitched

How Do I Find My Opponent?

Please review the player info tab:

Delayed Match Start Times?

For the integrity for the tournament all matches are to begin on time:

  1. Delayed match starts may not exceed 10 mins
  2. If a player is unable to play during their time slot then they will forfeit and their opponent will advance.


Quick Rules (Please Review IEGA's Policies and Procedures for underlying participating rules):

  1. Rules are simple Winner moves on.
  2. Win the match 3 points, Draw the match 1 point
  3. Tie breakers in a head to head:
  4. Most goals scored.
  5. Least amount of goals conceded.
  6. Final tie breaker most goals scored outside of the 45th and 90th minute.
  7. Shots on target within the 18 yard box
  8. Shots on target within the 6 yard box