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***IEGA INSIDER*** With the recent IEGA Power Rankings released, where do you rate the past Champs. Champs today… https://t.co/Zr9mrWFwoX
6 Days Ago
***IEGA INSIDER*** IQL1 Power Rankings (#14-#5) Calculated off of Season Final Ranking and Playoff performance #1https://t.co/Gu5bJmHpMV
9 Days Ago
Congratulations to all participants in the IEGA IQL1 regular season and playoffs. A Champion will be decided in the… https://t.co/wgwZkA9YBi
9 Days Ago
Only 2 players get to end their IQL1 season with a win. 1st place @casper9121 or @skbest85 in the Finals and 3rd pl… https://t.co/akqzZXTrEY
10 Days Ago
»UEFA EURO 2020 ticket details announced [Posted on Sunday May 19, 2019]  »2019/20 Champions League group stage as it stands [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  »Europe's most league and cup wins, longest streaks [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  »How brilliant is 2019 final hero Ada Hegerberg? [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  »Lyon reach new level: 2019 #UWCL at a glance [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  »Lyon extend European record [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  »Anja Mittag on 51, Hegerberg closing: top scorers [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  »Who will succeed Lyon: road to Vienna [Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019]  

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